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Smart Things: A smart device tracker from Samsung for smart people

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Smart Things A smart device tracker from Samsung for smart people

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Samsung is one of the most popular smartphone manufacturers, the company believes in inventing something new every time. Currently, Samsung will introduce a SmartThings tracker in the global smartphone market. We always think in one place and later forget the place where we kept the thing. So the overview of all things can be a confrontation. With the SmartThings Tracker from Samsung it is now possible to keep track of things intelligently.
The device tracker uses a fusion of GPS to track the lost products. The device is equipped with LTE-M and not with Bluetooth technology. The disadvantage of Bluetooth technology was its limited range. It made no sense if the object is far away from the user.

To overcome the disadvantage of Bluetooth technology, LTE-M is used in the smart device. It provides full-time, error-free connectivity and lasts for up to a week. The mobile network makes it possible to find things like your children, pets including lost products in real time.

The SmartThings button is more than just tracking misplaced objects. If you have a SmartThings hub, it may appear as an entry-level sensor. With it you can turn the lights on and off or start surveillance cameras while you leave the house.

On the other hand, one can put warnings on a restricted geographical area to induce when a tracker leaves a prescribed area. You can also share the live location with your neighbor by double-clicking the power button. The smart device can be paired with Samsung's latest SmartThings app for Android and iOS. The SmartThings tracker is flexible with the other Samsung SmartThings devices and can therefore be used in conjunction with other smart home products such as lighting, thermostats and security cameras.

The tracker is waterproof and can be used for indoor as well as outdoor use. The SmartThings tracker will hit the market on September 14th. It is marked with a $ 99 price tag including free one-year AT & T service. In addition, the AT & T service charges $ 50 per year.

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