SmarTone launches 5G broadband in just six months! Monthly fee of $148 all inclusive with router

The moderator remembers that the epidemic was more serious before. At that time, it was necessary to work from Home and classes were suspended, and many network providers offered discounts for this, such as sending 100GB of 5G data, etc. Individuals can’t get out of the street, do you use mobile data instead of WiFi? Unless you live in a very remote place, the broadband cannot be connected to the cable. Maybe my problem, I will feel a little illogical. If you can’t get out of the street, shouldn’t you have a discount on home broadband? And recently, because students want to suspend classes again, and watching Zoom, SmarTone has launched a limited-time 5G broadband short-term discount. For more details, read below!

SmarTone 5G Home Broadband is aimed at students who want to go to the online class in the housing company, and offers a limited-time 6-month short-term discount. Just need to provide a student certificate, you can enjoy an average monthly price of $148, enjoy unlimited 5G data, and you can rent Home for free 5G WiFi 6 router that supports 30 devices simultaneously.

In addition, SmarTone announced a partnership with Foodpanda to develop a new sales channel, and SmarTone customers can purchase a designated SmarTone Home 5G broadband wireless router with a 90-day SmarTone Home 5G for $2788 at 6 designated SmarTone stores through Foodpanda Mall, an online lifestyle department store. broadband service. After the home enterprise has applied for the SmarTone Home 5G broadband service, the router will be delivered to your home enterprise in the fastest 10 minutes. The designated SmarTone stores include Central, Causeway Bay, Mong Kok, Shatin, Tuen Mun and Yuen Long.