Smartphone Honor V20 is planned to be equipped with a triple camera and a Kirin 980 processor

The new smartphone Honor V20 is planned to be equipped with a triple main camera module and a powerful Kirin 980 processor. Such information appeared on the Web after the phone was certified by EEC.

The technical characteristics of the Honor V20 remain unknown, and the digital market experts reported on the name of the certified device. They suggested that this particular model will replace the commercially available Honor V10, released back in November 2017. Despite this, there were no official comments from representatives of the corporation.

Insiders reported that the Honor V20 is almost ready for the start of mass production. Most likely, he will become the owner of the Kirin 980 processor, since the previous model had a less powerful 970. Also, the engineers worked on the camera and it should get a triple module with 16, 24 and 16 megapixels. The date of the presentation has not yet been commented.

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