Smartphone: The top 7 apps that drain the battery!

Checking emails, making video calls, working online… The smartphone is an integral part of our daily lives. However, you should beware of some very power-hungry apps that drain the battery quickly.

Applications that drain the smartphone battery faster!

Applications that drain the smartphone battery faster!

Indeed, there are a countless number of applications that you can download on your smartphone. Unfortunately, some might unload it faster.

This is because you should always preserve the battery of the phone as it tends to drain faster due to the use of some power-hungry apps. In this case, we advise you to delete them or to turn to other alternatives to optimize the autonomy of your battery and smartphone.

App smartphone : Facebook et MessengerApp smartphone : Facebook et Messenger

App smartphone : Facebook et Messenger

These smartphone applications are among the most downloaded. This whether you have an Android or iOS phone. Only problem. Facebook and Messenger drain your device’s battery faster. To remedy this, you can always download Facebook Lite and Messenger Lite. These are indeed more economical versions and will consume less energy.

App smartphone : Snapchat / Microsoft OutlookApp smartphone : Snapchat / Microsoft Outlook

App smartphone : Snapchat / Microsoft Outlook

Like Facebook and Messenger.. Snapchat remains one of the other most downloaded apps in the world. An application far from being beneficial for your battery, whether you use it or not. Because it continues to run in the background and consumes a lot of energy. So if you do not want to delete it from your smartphone, you will still have to prevent it from running in the background.

Also, the Outlook email application consumes a lot of power. It can seriously impact the battery of your smartphone. To remedy this, we recommend that you instead turn to another less energy-intensive email application that will allow you to access your email and manage the receipt and sending of your email.

App smartphone : Tinder / AmazonApp smartphone : Tinder / Amazon

App smartphone : Tinder / Amazon

The famous dating application Tinder thus consumes a large amount of energy. Constantly drawing on your data, in order to be able to send and receive notifications… the application works in the background.

We also note the Amazon application. Very popular, this application is very energy-intensive. To preserve the autonomy and the battery of your smartphone, we recommend that you do not download the application but rather go to the Amazon site using your browser. You will definitely save your battery.

YouTube, Netflix et OCS !YouTube, Netflix et OCS !

YouTube, Netflix et OCS !

By being downloaded as applications, video-on-demand viewing platforms remain power-hungry.

This requires a permanent connection to the mobile data or Wi-Fi network to view the videos. However, there is a solution to fix it. We recommend that you download the videos in order to view them later in “offline” mode. In this way, you will optimize the battery and the performance of your device.

Enfin, Clean MasterEnfin, Clean Master

Enfin, Clean Master

A very useful application to clean your smartphone. However, the latter unfortunately consumes a lot of energy. Which will certainly not relieve your phone. So rather than downloading it to your smartphone… Opt instead for the features that optimize the battery power of your mobile device.

Dear reader, you will therefore have understood this. Without you knowing it, some applications can harm your battery. This is why we advise you to delete them if you do not use them. Or even to turn to others, less energy-consuming, to preserve your battery.