Smartphones with flexible displays are a phenomenon. But what about repairs?

The South Korean electronic giant recently launched two new smartphones – the Galaxy Z Fold3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3. The main attraction for both is the presence of a flexible display and a folding structure.

At the same time, prices are significantly lower than for their predecessors. For the Z Flip3 model, the purchase price fell compared to its predecessor from CZK 42,999 to CZK 26,999 for the basic model with 8GB of memory and 128GB of storage. The version with 256GB storage will then cost CZK 28,999.

The Z Fold3 mobile phone can be purchased in the Czech Republic for CZK 46,999 (12/256 GB) or CZK 48,999 (12/512 GB). At the same time, the predecessor started the price of the basic model at the time of its launch at CZK 54,999. All the introduced innovations bring higher performance and a number of other improvements.

“We are trying to bring technology among more people to make flexible screens a new standard,” explained Samsung Sahula, a spokesman for Samsung’s new pricing policy.

Both phones are more durable

But as devices get among more people, more and more users will be servicing their devices. That’s why Samsung has worked on their resilience. “Both devices are certified to withstand 200,000 folds, which means about five years of daily use. At the same time, they are newly waterproof, “said Sahula.

Galaxy Z Fold3 folding smartphone

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More time-consuming repairs include, for example, replacing the flexible display, because virtually all parts of the phone are translated into a new body, of which the flexible screen is an integral part. “Because the phone actually consists of two parts, which fit together in a hinge, it is more time-consuming for the technician to disassemble and subsequently assemble the phone,” said Samsung technical specialist Jakub Kratochvíl.

According to him, the actual disassembly of the phone will take technicians about an hour and a half, but with regard to the availability of spare parts, customers will usually wait a day or two for repairs. However, this also applies to phones with rigid displays.

The display is cheaper than the iPhone

Although the flexible screen is technically more complex than with classic smartphones with a flexible display, paradoxically, the repair is cheaper than with the iPhone 12 Pro Max. Currently, people will pay CZK 10,680 for the original touch panel, even with their work.

Replacing the display of the Galaxy Z Flip3 costs approximately 9.5 thousand crowns for a flexible panel, while the external rigid screen costs 2.5 thousand crowns. In the case of the larger Galaxy Z Fold3 model, the prices are logically higher, as the screen is also significantly larger. The flexible panel costs CZK 13,600, and the external preview screen costs CZK 4,000. Of course, prices may vary slightly depending on which authorized service you go to.

With the new phone, people can also pay for insurance directly from Samsung, which is similar to “stupidity” insurance. The cheapest variant of annual insurance costs CZK 1,300, and in the event of a broken phone, only a significantly lower co-payment will be paid instead of the price of the entire repair.

Galaxy Z Flip3 folding smartphone

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