Smash Mouth tries to start with Myles Garrett

Myles Garrett has stirred up a hornet's nest when he criticized Kevin Durant for coming to the Warriors, and it took about 18 hours before that:

What the hell is going on?

Myles Garrett plays for the Cleveland Browns. This has made him a fan of Cavaliers, running osmosis and spending a lot on the NBA finals that tweeted about the Cavs.

Smash Mouth are established defenders of Bay Area sports. They'll tweet about the Athletics and Warriors whenever they get the chance. Especially if all the stars are playing and a game is going on.

So when Myles Garrett said that:

"With KD, you put him in and he counts," Garrett said. "You already knew what they had, you were 73-9 before, and you put the second best player in the world on an already great team, and of course you'll succeed, pretty easy hit, everyone can have a night, and they can still find a way to win. "

Smash Mouth decided that they had to defend Durant – and the attempt that was attempted was in progress.

An accurate reading of the Smash Mouth Tweet.

To understand Smash Mouth's quarrels, we have to plunge into her gibberish.

"Hey Myles Garrett, ….. nobody knows who you are"

This is a proven false statement. Not only does a lot of people know who Myles Garrett is, but also Smash Mouth, so he calls him by name.

"So no one gives an F what you would do."

Brown's fans are very interested in him. He also had 7.0 sacks last year. I'm interested in that.

"And Genius, the warriors did not win the championship before KD signed."

Garrett never said that. His actual quote referred to KD joining an already successful team, not a championship team.

"Not sure what kind of" rocker "you call it."

Probably Steph Currys? I mean, it's a tough decision – but the Warriors left 73-9 before KD arrived.

"This is your Twitter page Aaaaahole? @MylesLGarrett"

You can literally click on the guys.

Garrett did not answer. So it remains to be seen if this will be as wild as the great Smash Mouth Vs. Athletics beef of 2016.

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