SMIC : Pénicaud wants to ” take the time of the consultation “

SMIC : Pénicaud wants to ” take the time of the consultation “


Committed to the principle of automatic progression, but not necessarily to the formula in force. In the aftermath of the publication of a report of a polemic of a group of independent experts, Muriel Pénicaud has left Wednesday the door open to a change in the rules that govern the evolution of the minimum wage.

These experts are in favour of a recast of the formula of indexation of the MINIMUM wage for 1.5 million people : one part by removing the indexing on the average hourly wage of workers and employees (SHBOE), or total removing in addition to the one on inflation.

purchasing Power

” I remind you that the SMIC is the cornerstone of our social model French. We are all convinced that the work must be paid a fair wage and decent “, said the minister of Labour during the session of questions to the government at the national Assembly, saying that his entourage had dropped the day before .

Calling the report of contributions ” useful “, Muriel Pénicaud reiterated that the proposals would integrate in the discussions in progress in two of the future projects of the executive : the sharing of the fruits of growth and added value (through profit-sharing or participation), and the refoundation of Europe, in view of a more fiscal and social convergence.

About explosive

” For these two reasons, we believe that it is a matter of importance, we have to take the time of reflection, of consultation, we do not need to rush but we need to be able to discuss it in all serenity, staying the course the essential nature of the MINIMUM wage to the purchasing power and for the social cohesion “, she added.

The subject, in fact, is explosive politically, and did not fail to react on Tuesday. The CGT, for example, has denounced the risk of ” of serious injury and dangerous “ to the SMIC, and even ” blast “. On the side of the CFDT, it also refuses to jump the automatic adjustment, without closing the door to a revision of the formula, but fails to follow through the recommendations of the experts. Even the Medef, however, arc-itself eliminated on the decline in the cost of the work, has been cautious.

Bercy, it tempers by explaining that the subject is not topical. the ” there is a report and nothing else “, said.

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