Smoking bans, new rules are coming for the population

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Reducing the number of people who smoke is one of the government’s objectives and for this reason it has decided to introduce new bans for smokers: here’s what they are and what changes.

Tobacco consumption is the leading cause of cardiovascular disease. It not only puts the health of smokers at risk, but also that of passive smokers. The first epidemiological evidence on the relationship between tobacco and coronary heart disease was published in 1940. And in that circumstance the relationship between smoking and mortality was demonstrated. For all these reasons it is clear and normal that institutions promote smoking prevention.

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Nicotine and tobacco smoke cause damage to endothelial cells, increase free radicals which inactivate vasodilator substances and increase the risk of vasospastic angina. These are just some of the dangers inherent in smokers, but also in people who breathe smoke passively even if they don’t smoke. Through studies and medical warnings it has come to the point of introducing gods smoking bans which will now become harsher.

Among the novelties of the Ministry of Health is that of signing a plan which would like to guarantee a generation free from smoking. It’s a European plan against cancer which has among its objectives that of eradicating the habit of smoking in society by 2040, the date in which it is expected that only 5% of the population will be a smoker, while the remainder will belong to the non-smoker category. Precisely for this reason, the government will have to adopt new vetoes to secure his commitment.

What is the European Cancer Plan?

The European Commission presented in 2021 the European plan to fight cancer. With new technologies, research and innovation as a starting point, the plan establishes a new European approach to the prevention, care and treatment of cancer. The institution wants to take seriously the course of the disease: from prevention to the quality of life of patients and survivors.

The cancer plan is structured around four areas of key action and a total of €4 billion has been allocated to actions against the disease. The fight against smoking and our government’s decision to introduce new smoking bans are precisely part of this objective.

New smoking bans: what can no longer be done

In line with what was stated by the European Commission, Health Minister Schillaci could only take note of the matter and decide that the government will commit itself to the established ends. For this reason, various measures will be taken to ensure maximum protection for citizens. And while in New Zealand has been banned from buying cigarettesin Italy the executive is working on the new bans.

The fight against smoking has the aim of reaching 2040 with only 5% of the population with the smoking habit. The government’s first step is to expand Article 51 of Law 3-2003. Among the proposals that have arrived there are several bans:

  • No smoking even in open places if there are any minors o pregnant women.
  • Ban the his smokers even indoors. One would like to extend the bans also with regard to new tobacco-related products such as electronic cigarettes.
  • Prohibition of advertising with inside products that have nicotine or heated tobacco.

No date has been revealed for the new smoking rules to go into effect as the changes are still under review by experts. It is not excluded that the bans may be promulgated by the end of the year, but we have to wait for more precise indications from the government.

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