Snail venom, a future treatment for diabetes!

Treating diabetes is a complicated exercise for healthcare workers today. It is even more complicated for patients who lose hope every day. From drugs to different diets, today it is snail venom to come to the aid of patients. This is precisely the conical snail. Do you want to know more? Follow.

Conical snail venom for diabetes?

It is certainly a miracle cure that promises to be according to the explanations of researchers at the University of New Hampshire. It’s still surprising to talk about the conical snail as a remedy. This sea animal is however known to kill fish in an extraordinary way. Several humans were also victims of its very dangerous venoms. It is the manner in which he manages to immobilize the fish that must be understood. Researchers believe that snail venom creates hypoglycemia in fish. We can therefore derive scientific benefit from it.

The motivations of Professor Harish Vashisth

The bitter observation of the evolution of diabetes in the world is the first thing that motivates the research of this specialist. Secondly, he noticed that diabetic care drugs were a bit expensive. This is a situation that many patients cannot stand. The concern to obtain the drugs associated with that of the frequencies of catch does not facilitate the treatment. We must therefore think of a treatment not only less expensive, but easier.

The effectiveness of the conical snail venom

Researchers find several advantages over insulin. For the latter, it is a venom that has the ability to decrease blood sugar levels. This conclusion is not the result of chance. The researchers made a comparison between the effect of the venom with the reaction of natural insulin. Stability in the insulins was noted during the simulation. Unexpectedly, normal binding of the manufactured peptides takes place. This experiment is more efficient than the reaction of the naturally produced human hormone.

Clarification from researchers

From this promising experiment, the researchers still think that we have to wait a little longer. It is a scientific principle. It takes several additional experiments to confirm the results of this study before launching into reality. However, very confident in their research, these scientists are already thinking about better patient care. It will be possible over time to manufacture more effective drugs which will have a rapid effect on the blood sugar level.

How is diabetes currently treated?

For now, the treatment of diabetes is done with insulin. There are also medicines to be taken to control the evolution of glucose in the blood. For the most part, patients are subjected to a diet that allows them to avoid complications and seizures. In several countries, this disease continues to be regarded as an incurable disease. It is a scientific challenge that dates back several years. Unfortunately, most diabetes medications are taken for life.

It is an unbearable situation for the patients. Many patients will find the conical snail a savior. He will no longer be considered a dangerous animal.

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