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Snapchat: Bitmoji get a full body update

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Bitmoji from head to toe: Snapchat expands the styling options for the avatars. Among other things, they get a full-body view, backgrounds and new poses.

Snapchat users have been able to create their own Bitmoji since 2017. These have since gained a large fan base. Users can dress the characters in branded clothes and one and a half years ago they even received a kind of series of their own with BitmojiTV. Now the next big update is due. Since yesterday, Monday, the first users can have their Bitmoji displayed in the profile in the 3D full-body view.

Full body styling: Choose between different poses and backgrounds for your Bitmoji

With the update, Bitmoji will have an even more prominent place in the profile of users. Previously, only the face down to the shoulders was visible and therefore customizable. Now Snapchat users can style their Bitmoji from head to toe and choose a pose and background.

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So far, Snapchat had always emphasized that the profile would never be given a high priority in the app. The app is there to share authentic snapshots and not to present itself in a stylish profile. Why the company is now launching more features for Bitmoji is not entirely clear. Three quarters of a year ago, Snapchat launched Spotlight, a TikTok-like feature that allows creators, but also normal profiles on the platform, with a little luck to earn money with their content. A public profile with more styling options for Bitmoji offers creators at least a small platform to present themselves to followers and possible brand partners.

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Regardless, it’s a nice gimmick that should inspire users of the app. The full-body Bitmoji are now being rolled out. However, it should take a while until all users can access it. Click on your Bitmoji in the upper left corner of the screen to get to your profile. If you scroll down to the Bitmoji area, you can style and change your Bitmoji there.

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