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Snapchat problem is solved with its new update on iPhone

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When the application of Snapchat, which to date is still used as a means of instant communication, where you can send funny videos, with text and even photos, began to give problems, the team behind this social network knew that it was time for a new update. They located that the problem was when starting, so the solution was found to make it stop crashing. If you are one of those who has been experiencing this error, specifically on the iOS version of Snapchat, you can fix this directly from the app Store. However, in the Android version the application seems to have been unaffected.

With the penultimate update, the application sent a message that something was happening, as if there is a start-up failure. Later, other functions began to fail that made it impossible to use the application, in case some users were allowed to enter the other menus and options. From now on they can send Snaps as calmly and normally as before, without receiving any error messages. In North America, many digital users enjoy sending their messages with the fun filters that the application offers, that’s why it was a crash for how long this problem lasted to this day.

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Until a few hours ago, the Twitter account “Snapchat Support” had not made any mention of the failure, but there are already several users who realized that updating the application solves the blocking problem. In fact, we can see the glitch that was previously thrown before this, with a Tweet:

If for any reason, your iPhone does not automatically download the update, you can get this change yourself from the App Store. Tap the icon in the upper right corner, while pulling down to update it. You should see all the available updates so that you can download them.

If you have deactivated automatic update, in order to see which new versions come with errors, you can activate this option again in the Settings> App Store and you activate the application Updates, on Automatic downloads. Once you finish, you can return the option to how it was, remembering that in this way you can be aware of the failures that this and other applications suffer. Everything has a solution, for now, use your Snapchat as if nothing had happened!

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