Snapchat removes speed filter for some lawsuits

One of the most controversial filters provided by the social network Snapchat was removed from its options menu.

Snapchat’s speed filter, which has been the subject of several lawsuits, has forced the short-video social network and forerunner of the fashion for face filters, to permanently remove it, this being one of the oldest.

This filter launched in 2013 was used as mobile speed sensor to enable an acceleration meter in miles or kilometers per hour, which can be viewed on the cell phone screen.

Some affected families who threatened to sue Snapchat, allege that this camera filter led its users to various accidents, caused by drivers using the filter while driving.

The company announced in a statement that it has eliminated this function. “It’s hardly used by Snapchatters. And in light of that, we are going to remove it completely.“.

Snapchat at no time acknowledges that the removal of the filter is related to the multiple lawsuits in which it has been involved.

At one point, the company warned that the use of this filter was for co-pilots or other passengers on a vehicle trip, other than drivers.

However, this notice was not respected by all users, indicates the portal.

Similarly, the company clarified that before completely eliminating the filter, the service also reduced the maximum speed limit to 35 miles per hour (about 56 kilometers per hour), which apparently, for critics, the measure was not enough.

The company began removing the filter this week, but alludes that it may take several days before the removal process reaches 500 million of its monthly active users of the application.

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Critics of the speed filter welcomed the news, while questioning the delay.

“Lives will be saved. Crashes will be avoided, but the lawyer in me is wondering, ‘My God, why did it take so long?’ ”said Joel Feldman, co-founder of the nonprofit organization, End Distracted Driving, one of the groups that urged Snapchat to remove the speed filter.

As of yet, it is not known what exactly led Snapchat to scrap the feature. A company spokeswoman stated that “Nothing is more important than the safety of our Snapchat community.”

A month later, the same spokesperson confirmed that the speed filter would soon be removed. The function “It is hardly used by Snapchat users. And in light of that, we are going to eliminate it completely. “

Attorney Michael Neff, who represents the plaintiffs of the families of those involved in car accidents linked to the filter, said the change does not undo the pain for his clients.

“While this will undoubtedly contribute to the safety of the automotive public in the future, it does not remedy Snapchat’s decision to create and distribute the speed filter in the past.”Neff pointed out.

“We look forward to our day in court and seeking justice for those who suffered unnecessary losses,” added.

Accidents involving the use of the ‘Speed ​​Filter’

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Snapchat’s speed filter feature has been implicated in a number of fatal or near-fatal car accidents, typically with teenagers behind the wheel.

One of these was a collision in 2015 that left a driver in Georgia with permanent brain damage. That same year, the show was related to the deaths of three young women in a car accident in Philadelphia.

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In 2016, five people in Florida were killed in an accident that allegedly involved the speed filter. In 2017, three young men in Wisconsin logged a speed of 123 miles per hour at the function before hitting a tree and dying.

Snapchat can be sued for its role in a fatal car accident, court rules say.

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