Friday, 20 Apr 2018

Snape Chat adds new filters for iPhone X and launches a video conferencing service

With the increasing competition between blogging and social networking applications, each company strives to provide maximum benefits and services to maximize users. Snape has recently unveiled many new features to its application, including the feature of referring to a friend in publications or what is known In addition to the group video calling feature, in an effort to make users spend more time using the app without having to use other apps. The group video call feature will allow users to chat with 16 other users at the same time. All guests will receive a notification informing them that the call has started and will be able to reject or respond to the call or voice over video. 16 if they join them by voice. This is the number of users in a single call, a quantum leap in the area of ​​social networking and instant messaging, as the maximum number reached so far by connecting the Messenger application from Facebook for calls to the group in the last update has only six users at the same time, while the application of Hangouts from “Google” has reached ten users only. Snape Chat has also launched the “Minshin” feature to friends where a friend can be referred to any story, as in InStagram. Photo comment: SnapShat launches new features to keep users in the app longer.

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