April 15, 2018 – 06:35 a.m.


Carlos Duque

Colombia-Ecuador: Which side of the border are we murdering? – Question: What is the cutest and ugliest thing that Colombians have? – Antanas Mockus: The cutest thing is the party. The ugliest is how they throw it. Cambridge Analytica does know who I am. That the Cambridge Analytica are not chuzadas but ‘data mining’. The other name of this country is ILUSIÓN and the name of its inhabitants ‘deluded’. A qualifier of corrupt should not be denied to anyone. In the campaign, we have the complex task of differentiating the builders of the future from the merchants of hope. Every war is a crime against humanity. And for when the tax on stupidity? Why does not the country that fits in your head resemble the country we have in our heads? Electoral debates are like those final exams in which the student knows the questions in advance and the teacher already knows that the answers are wrong. This candidate fascinates me; I’m impounded with your proposals. When the flowers die they go to the sky turned into butterflies. All injustice is a time bomb that will explode in the hands of the criminal. The news and the newspapers are my personal dose of restlessness. Follow on Twitter @_carlosduque

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