SNCF, an unsalable reform for the government


The President reaffirmed Sunday night his determination to complete the transformation of the national railway company into a public limited company and to end the status of railway workers.

The state will go through with its reform of the railway system. On Sunday, April 15, Emmanuel Macron reaffirmed his determination to complete the transformation of SNCF into a public limited company, to open the passenger rail transport sector to competition and to put an end to the status of railway workers. “The more ambitious the reform, the more the state will take back the debt in exchange” assured the President of the Republic.
The current negotiation was to set the level of debt recovery from 1 st January 2020, date of application of the law on the new railway pact to be voted in first reading, Tuesday 17 April. Will these announcements be sufficient to put an end to the bumpy strike of railway workers? Nothing is less sure.
It is that Emmanuel Macron, and the whole of the government, is always stuck in a reform, long-sought at the highest level of the public company, but out of the hat by the resident of the Elysée Palace. During the campaign, the candidate of En marche! had just said he wanted “Give everyone the opportunity to move” and “Continue the recovery begun in the railway sector” . Not a word on the SNCF.

“Our program did not go into the details of the reform but the promise was there, yet assures Gilles Le Gendre, MP for Paris and vice-president of the group La Republique en marche (LRM) in the National Assembly. In the “grand marche” in the summer of 2016, transport difficulties were at the top of the French minds. Improve mobility without touching SNCF: a challenge! ” Unsustainable debt Mined by an unsustainable debt of 54.5 billion euros, the public company had long demanded the recovery by the state of this burden, but it has always faced a firm refusal of Bercy. The Ministry of …


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