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Home Business SNCF: "progressive" recovery of traffic between Paris and Bordeaux, 16,000 travelers concerned

SNCF: "progressive" recovery of traffic between Paris and Bordeaux, 16,000 travelers concerned

Employees of the papermaker Arjowiggins, threatened with judicial liquidation, totally blocked the TGV traffic between Paris and the South-West for several hours on Monday, occupying the tracks of the Vendôme station (Loir-et-Cher). "The impact for our travelers is very important", indicated the SNCF. A spokesman for the company said 26 trains and 16,000 people were affected by the blockage,

At least 2 hours late, gradual recovery

The railway undertaking stated that it had "immediately a requisition order at the prefecture of Loir-et-Cher so that it makes every effort, as soon as possible, to free the tracks and allow a resumption of TGV traffic ".

"The police are on site," said the prefecture. "Some TGVs had to be removed and, to the extent possible, to minimize the impact on passengers, trains are hijacked on the classic lines with the result at least 2 hours late, "added the SNCF.

At 4:20 pm the SNCF announced on its Twitter account that the blocking of the tracks was finished: "The interruption of the circulation following the presence of demonstrators on the tracks in station of Vendôme TGV lasted nearly 5h, from 11h20 to 16h", she wrote. "Circulations resume very gradually with significant delays until tonight. "The tracks were evacuated" without intervention of the police, "said the prefecture." The protesters left on their own. "

800 employees threatened

The employees of Arjowiggins intended to express their concern on the eve of the decision of the Commercial Court of Nanterre on the future of the paper, placed in receivership in January. The factories of Arjowiggins Graphic Group, a subsidiary of the Sequana group, were placed in receivership on January 8 and are threatened with closure if no offer of recovery is validated by the court.

Only the Swedish group of wood and paper Lessebo, associated with a Norwegian investor, proposes to take over the three factories Bessé-sur-Bray, Le Bourray (Sarthe) and Château-Thierry (Aisne), provided to remove close to 215 jobs. Unions fear "the dismissal of nearly 800 employees, operating within a rural, isolated territory, whose Arjowiggins paper mills are the main employer of the region ".


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