SNCF strike: Philippe Martinez evokes a “high level” mobilization


If the rate of strikers has dwindled in recent days, Philippe Martinez assures, the mobilization is according to him to a “high level”. Invited Grand Jury RTL-Le Figaro-LCI, the Secretary General of the CGT estimated Sunday that railwaymen were still “determined” to challenge the SNCF reform project . “The mobilization is at a high level in all categories of personnel, it is quite rare to have as many executives who participate […] The railway workers are determined to lead this fair fight, public utility and general interest, “said the union official. Holidays to explain the settlement? Asked about the decline in the rate of strikers since the beginning of the movement, Philippe Martinez stressed that “is in a period of holidays, so there are railway workers on vacation, so inevitably there are small fluctuations” in terms of number of strikers. About the organization of the movement in “pearly strike” Philippe Martinez said it was a “very good method”: “For two days, we show with determination our discontent, and then the other three days, we distribute leaflets, we explain, we go to the meeting of users, “he explained, while the effectiveness of this type of mobilization is increasingly debated. According to him, the ball is in the executive’s court to put an end to the movement: “If the government finally agrees to discuss seriously a number of issues that are problematic, it can be resolved quickly. But if the government is bent on its dogmatic position, it will continue, “he warned. Divergences with the CFDT Regarding the words of Laurent Berger, general secretary of the CFDT, who on Friday welcomed the “openings” and “some progress” of the government on the reform of the SNCF, Philippe Martinez stressed that “the secretary general of the CFDT Cheminots Didier Aubert he who participated in the discussions had already submitted the next strike notice and considers that, for the moment, nothing has progressed “. “No, there is no progress and I rely on all railway federations to confirm my ‘no'”, he insisted. In spite of these differences, Philippe Martinez affirmed that the CGT “wishes” a unitary May 1st with all the trade unions and that he would propose it at the meeting of the five secretaries general of the main trade union centers planned next week. “We must be able to find common ground on a number of claims and May 1st could be an opportunity to express not only solidarity to those who are fighting but to offer alternatives,” he said. “May Day is a day where few people work, it can be an opportunity to show his displeasure.”
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