Sneezing, holding it back can be bad for your health. Why free the nose

When the nose is itchy and you feel the need for a liberating sneeze, you shouldn’t hold it back because it could be bad for your health: what happens to the body?

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A lot of people, maybe when they are in company or in crowded places, when they feel they have to sneeze, they hold back. While holding back a sneeze in a public place can mean polite action, on the other hand, it is a habit that could be harmful. There are a number of risks who run not to free the nose. Let’s see what they are.

Sneezing is a simple gesture, a natural reflex that is triggered when the nose itches, after coming into contact with an external agent, which can be dust, a strong smell, a strong light and much more. Hold back a sneeze it’s not good for your healthThis is because there is a risk of blocking the airways with the same pathogens that cause it.

Never hold back the sneeze, the risks involved are many

you risk holding back sneezing
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As already mentioned, sneezing is a natural reflection, a protective mechanism that our body implements when an external agent enters the nostril. The resulting reaction involves the storage of air in the lungs, and then a strong expulsion from the nostrils.

When stimulated, the receptors in the nose send certain impulses to the brain, alarming it, the brain then coordinates all the muscles involved. We can sneeze for several reasons, which can be a strong glow, and in this case we are talking about sneezing photic reflexor for an irritation in various points of the face, which can be the forehead or the ears.

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dangers not to sneeze
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Obviously, the most common causes of sneezing are the interaction of the mucous membranes of the nose with external agents. When we sneeze, we hold one large amount of air into the lungs, and then violently expel it. If we hold back the gesture, the lungs do not find vent, therefore, the pressurized air seeks vent elsewhere.

In this way, they could break the capillaries in the eyes or eardrums. It is no coincidence that, very often, when we sneeze our eyes water or our ears become blocked. For this, it is always recommended to sneeze and break free. Obviously, the gesture must be done in a correct and polite way, without causing annoyance to others.

Therefore, putting your hands in front of your nose is always a polite gesture to avoid the propagation of droplets of mucus, which can be tens of thousands and travel at the speed of 150 kilometers per hour. At most, if you don’t want to use your hands, at least you need to have the right reflexes to sneeze at the forearm root.