Sneezing in the workplace – allergy or just a coincidence?


Some people start to sneeze as soon as they get to work. These are often allergy symptoms, against which fortunately there are proven remedies.

Allergy to the work? Can this be? Yes, that is possible! If you are one of those people, who have to sneeze again and again As soon as you sit at your desk, you are not alone.

Allergy symptoms are quite similar to those of a cold: runny or stuffy nose, constant sneezing, itchy or swollen eyes , But once you’re back home, the symptoms are gone. At least now it is clear: You have no infection, these are the symptoms of an allergy.

Reasons for sneezing at work

Allergies are now widespread. Doctors and scientists attribute this to increasing hygiene, obesity, staying indoors, reduced intake of omega-3 fish oil and climate change. That you suffer from sneezing and allergy symptoms especially at work , may have the following reasons:

House dust mites: Many offices are true dust collectors. Sure, it is sucked in between, maybe even wiped, but that’s usually not enough to really cope with the dust in an office with many employees. A paradise for mites , hell for allergy sufferers. However, we do not respond allergic to the mites, but to the feces of them. The tiny animals live in beds, carpets and clothing.

You can do that: Keep order and clean your desk at least twice a week. If possible, also induce a more frequent floor cleaning. This can help you to stop sneezing all the time.

Mold spores: Do you have plants in your office? Then it is likely that mold has formed in the ground, which cheerfully spreads its spores. Many people respond with an allergy , Take a close look at the plants around you!

Remedy is quite simple: Why not replace real plants with artificial ones? Then you get rid of the mold problem and thus the trigger for the allergy.

Pollen: Typical in spring and summer is hay fever – an allergic reaction to pollen and grass pollen. The small particles get stuck in the hair and clothes where they make life difficult for allergy sufferers , Doctors recommend having a good shower after being exposed to heavy pollen.

Keep the window closed at your workstation if possible. Maybe a nasal rinse with salt water will help you. This flushes the pollen from the nose and relieves symptoms.

Pets: If you have an allergy to cats or dogs, the hair is not responsible for the sneezing, but the saliva, dander and urine. As animals clean themselves by licking their fur, the allergens spread on the coat , If you work in an environment where the animal is, do not stroke it and keep your distance from people who came in contact with the fur.


Allergic reaction
Animal Hair Allergy: These are the symptoms and that helps!

You have to sneeze if you come too close to a cat or a dog? We’ll tell you what helps!

Alleviate allergy symptoms

So you’re not allergic to work just because you have to sneeze frequently. You have an allergy to certain particles in this environment , However, you can alleviate the symptoms of allergy if you still suffer from ailments despite protective measures:

Salt or sea water sprays care for the nasal mucous membranes.

Vitamin D and probiotic supplements strengthen the immune system.

Allergy tablets are available over the counter in the pharmacy. They are a reliable aid for allergies and allergic sneezing.



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