"Sniff eating and chewing for a minute" .. 13 trick to lose weight without regimen


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Most of us find it difficult to stick to a certain diet for long periods, exercise, and wonder if they can lose weight without doing either.

There are 13 innovative ways you can easily control your weight, without dieting or exercise, according to medicalnewstoday.

1- Increase your cooking skills (learn cooking)

Understanding how to prepare meals and develop better skills in the kitchen can be a powerful way to lose weight without reducing eating.

People with greater knowledge of how to cook different foods are more likely to eat a wide variety of food ingredients such as fruits and vegetables, which are a powerful ingredient for weight loss.

In fact, researchers increasingly associate weight gain with obesity with poor cooking skills.

2. Eat more protein

Protein is an essential part of a healthy diet that is essential for effective growth and metabolism, as it makes you feel full and gives you the feeling of not wanting to eat.

A recent study of young women found that eating high-protein milk in the afternoon reduces hunger and calories in subsequent meals.

Simple ways to increase the amount of protein in your diet include adding a tablespoon of chia seeds, or hemp seeds, to breakfast cereals or introducing eggs into your daily meals.

3. Eat more fiber

Fiber is available in fruits, vegetables, pulses and cereals.

Fiber is different from other foods because the body does not digest it in the small intestine. Instead, food moves into the large intestine, where fermentation occurs, which slows down the digestion of nutrients and prevents constipation.

You can add more fiber to your balanced diet by:

– Make sure to eat fruit daily, and add whole grains in the diet, such as oats, cut steel and brown rice

Eat a lot of vegetables, and fiber in the outer layer of vegetables. But it is necessary to wash them well before eating.

4 – probiotic bacteria

Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that are an integral part of digestion.A recent study has suggested that probiotics can affect weight, fat mass and mood.

Probiotic bacteria promote bowel function and liver cells, and improve anti-cancer properties.

Research suggests that probiotics can help prevent or control obesity. Probiotics are available in some natural foods in a variety of fermented foods, such as yogurt, kimchi and kefir.

5. Reduce stress

High levels of stress lead to a disruption and a sense of desire to eat. When a person is stressed, the body produces hormones called "glucocorticoids" that increase a person's appetite, leading to weight gain.

Stress can also lead to emotional eating. (Emotional Eating) is when a person eats unhealthy foods to try to improve their negative mood.

You can control this by:

– Exercise regularly.

Limit caffeine intake

– Practice meditation, like yoga

– Say no to unnecessary obligations

– Spend time outdoors

6. Get more vitamin D.

Some research suggests reliable sources that people with low vitamin D levels in the blood are more likely to be obese, more prone to depression and anxiety, metabolic syndrome, type 1 and type 2 diabetes, osteoporosis and arthritis.

People can get vitamin D from the sun and certain foods. Vitamin D-containing foods include egg yolk and fatty fish, and vitamin D supplements are available for purchase in pharmacies or online.

7 – division of the meal to several times

This method is useful. One study divided individual meals into smaller portions to test whether people expected to feel full after eating the same amount of food in separate units.

They found that by dividing foods into three or six separate portions, the participants' expected level of satiety was greater, so it is preferred to split meals over several times.

8. Eat in a small dish

When people serve food on a plate, they tend to finish all the foods in the bowl. They can reduce their calories with minimal effort by reducing the size of the dish or the amount of food they place in it.

Refrain from eating sugary drinks

There are many healthy alternatives to soft and sugary drinks that cause obesity. Like refreshing water with fresh mint, ginger, berries or cucumbers refreshes and has very few calories. People can also add lemon to sparkling water.

Herbal, green and black tea is also appropriate. Many teas come with additional health benefits.

Fruit juices have a very high sugar content, so it's best to eat whole fruits instead because they contain natural fiber.

10 – chew more

Some preliminary research found that chewing for a minute, and not speeding up a meal reduces eating, speeds up the feeling of satiety.

11 – Try to focus food

Called Eating Mind, or Eating Consciously, this trick is an excellent tool for weight loss.

To practice, a person must eat while heed and stay away from any distractions, including televisions, laptops and reading materials. It is better to eat at the table and focus on how to taste the food.

12. Eating family meals

Sitting and eating a healthy meal with the family can play a role in weight loss. Eating at home can reduce fat and sugar intake. Parents cook a balanced diet for children that often convey these positive habits.

13. Inhalation of food

A study showed that people who inhale food before eating feel full faster, and already reduced their weight.

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