Sniper Elite: Shooter series now makes its tabletop debut

The shooter series Sniper Elite has been delivering on PC and consoles for many years, and now another segment is to be conquered: that of board games!

Rebellion Unplugged has announced a tabletop adaptation of the long-running shooter series Sniper Elite. Pre-orders for Sniper Elite: The Board Game, which will be released in June 2022, are now being accepted, so you can secure your copy if you also want the board game adaptation.

The stealth-action tabletop game is designed for one to four players and draws on content from the long-running gaming franchise. It’s all about sneaking up and meticulously planning a mission. If everything still doesn’t go as it should, you have to try to somehow escape the clutches of the Axis powers. The aim is to create a deadly game of cat and mouse in which victory or defeat can change the course of the war.

One player takes on the role of an Allied sniper named Karl Fairburne, who is deployed deep behind enemy lines to eliminate key targets. The other players, on the other hand, control the Axis troops and must defend their base and neutralize the invader. The latter can remain hidden by tracking his movements on a hidden panel and carefully approaching the set objectives on the map.

The Axis must use their superior numbers and the skills of their Special Officers to win. Tactical planning and careful judgment are key to following the sniper’s moves and seeing through his bluffs.

Officially, the features of the board game implementation are given as follows:

  • Ten unique miniatures – Karl Fairburne and nine Axis soldiers have been implemented in the form of 28mm plastic miniatures. They patrol the board with the defenders and reveal the Karl Fairburne miniature once they locate it. Each miniature is a one-off that has been ink washed to bring out the details.
  • Double-sided game board – The double-sided game board offers two different maps on which matches can be played. Players move between the Launch Facility buildings. They take cover to avoid patrols or use the raised dock to avoid being spotted in the submarine bunkers.
  • Dedicated solo rules – For those who feel more comfortable in the role of the lone wolf, there are also special solo rules. So they can jump into the game on their own and see if they can successfully lead Karl to victory against the Axis powers. Optional rule variants also offer the option to increase or decrease the level of difficulty and introduce new challenges.
  • Eagle’s Nest expansion – Add even more variety to your games with the Eagle’s Aerie expansion, which includes two new maps, alternate Allied Snipers each with unique abilities and miniatures, as well as additional items and solo maps.
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