"SNL" Cold Open: Fox News claims Alec Baldwin "molesting a young boy scout" in a funny sketch

"SNL" Cold Open: Fox News claims Alec Baldwin "molesting a young boy scout" in a funny sketch

During "SNL's Cold Open," Fox News reported on Alec Baldwin's arrest, claiming the actor had "molested a young boy scout!" Take a look at the hilarious dig here!

SNL came to Fox News coverage of the caravan. Over the course of the show's Cold Open, it was compared to Black Friday shoppers, the zombies World War Z (They even claimed that Brad Pitt was with the caravan, called her celebrity couple "Bradavan") and a few crabs. Literally a bunch of crabs. But the funniest part of the Cold Open was back then Laura Ingraham (played by Kate McKinnon) said, that Alec Baldwin had a "harassed" scout who sketched a graphic of Alec with Adam Sandler,

So far, SNL has had two outstanding cold openings this season. In one of them Alec Baldwin to play back Donald Trump to recreate the wild meeting of the president with Kanye West, Not only did Balduin's Trump realize that Kanye was basically the black version of himself, he praised the rapper and said, "We're both geniuses, we're both married to beautiful women, and we've both definitely adopted them. Word. "

The other Cold Open, which was probably the best of the season, was back then Matt Damon Judge of the Supreme Court Brett Kavanaugh, At some point in the sketch, Damon screams: "I lifted weights every day. , , I'm angry. You're damn right! But if you think I'm angry now, just wait until I go to the Supreme Court and then you'll all pay! "

We keep you up to date with the latest SNL sketches and highlights. In the gallery you can find all photos of the 44th season in the gallery above!

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