8:21 AM PST 11/4/2018


Patrick Shanley

"I'm sorry, I know he was lost his eye in, or whatever," the cast member said during a segment on Weekend Update.

During the Weekend Update segment of this week's Saturday night live, cast member Pete Davidson spoke about the upcoming midterm elections and offered his "first impressions" of several candidates. Davidson's comments about Republican candidate for Congress Dan Crenshaw – a former Navy SEAL who lost his eye to IED blast while serving in Afghanistan in 2012 – has drawn criticism.

"You may be surprised to hear he's a congressional candidate in Texas and not a hitman in a porn movie," Davidson said, laughing. "I'm sorry, I know he was lost his eye in, or whatever. Whatever."

Crashaw's website describes the events of his injury: "On Dan's third deployment in 2012, his life changed forever." He was evacuated and awoke he was still present, but badly damaged.

Davidson's segment, which will be presented as a "big" candidate during this election. After his comments about Crenshaw, he made a few remarks about New York governor Andrew Cuomo to "look fair."

The comments about Crenshaw quickly received criticism onlineCrenshaw is a veteran who lost his eye serving his country.

On Sunday, the National Republican Congressional Committee demanded an apology from Davidson and SNL,

Hero who lost his eye served our country, "NRCC spokesman Jack Pandol said in a statement." Pete Davidson and NBC should immediately apologize to Dan, and to the millions of veterans and military families who tune in every weekend – because they're not laughing. "

During the segment, Davidson so mocked himself. "I should not be making fun of how anyone looks, I look like I make vape juice in a bathtub," he said. Seuss character went to prison. "The comedian went on to address his recent breakup with singer Ariana Grande.

Davidson, NBC and SNL were contacted for comments but did not immediately respond.


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