When "Saturday Night Live" returned to Season 44 in September, there were a lot of jokes about the involvement of actor Pete Davidson with pop singer Ariana Grande. It looks like we have a lot of jokes about their recent separation.

Davidson makes a self-ironic appearance in a promo show for the third episode of the show, which is moderated by Jonah Hill and shows the musical guests Maggie Rogers. "Hey Maggie, I'm Pete," says the comedian. "They want to marry?" (She does not do it.)

"0 for 3!" Says Davidson, who had previously teamed up with comedian Cazzie David – and had hushed a tattoo of her face after her split earlier this year.

SNL has been at a standstill since Seth Meyers' hosting on October 13. Less than 24 hours later, TMZ reported that Grande and Davidson, who had fallen in love weeks before their engagement, had called their wedding.

Previous SNL episodes had shown the curious curiosity of the nickname "grandson" who had made headlines for his whirlwind romance, the appropriate tattoos and public affection.

In the season premiere, which Grande should call a musical guest before leaving, Davidson talked about her involvement during the Weekend Update segment. The closely watched relationship also received not so subtle shouts in Adam Driver's host monologue and a sketch in which Kyle Mooney attempted to emulate his SNL buddy, right up to the "hot celebrity girlfriend."

While SNL was out of the air, Davidson used other forums to vaguely break up the breakup. "Who's looking for a roommate?" He joked last month, when he made a political fundraiser together with Judd Apatow. He also referred to "a series of tattoos".

Grande did not directly address the breakup, but it does not look as if she found the SNL promo joke funny. The singer went to Twitter on Thursday night with this dirty word that People noticed, but has since been deleted: "For someone who claims to hate relevance, you cling to him securely." "Know yourself, I'm Maggie."

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