Immobilized on the road, vehicles block the road. Snowplows struggle to move forward. It was Monday, October 29 between Le Puy-en-Velay (Haute-Loire) and Saint-Étienne (Loire), on the national road 88. A night of galley over several tens of kilometers. In places, he fell up to 16 cm of snow. The beginning of a long night for some 2,000 shipwrecked people trapped in their car.

Motorists also responsible

It was still a mess the next morning. In the middle of the morning, it is the beginning of clearing, a little late for some. How did we get there, when the snow was announced? Drivers took the road because, according to them, there was no ban on driving. Indeed, the order of the prefecture of Haute-Loire has prohibited the movement of heavy vehicles from 12:30, well after the onset of bad weather. Reason invoked by the prefecture: it takes time to coordinate services. According to Météo France, however, the snowfall was in line with expectations, but it is impossible to predict precisely the consequences on the roads. Other officials: motorists who do not follow the instructions of vigilance and take the road without appropriate equipment.


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