An SNP Council member has apologized for having published a controversial blog at the center of an "anti-Semitism" series.

Frank Anderson had initially defended the post on the Grouse Beater website and criticized Rhea Wolfson, an organizer of GMB Scotland and Labor Party candidate, for her role in organizing the equal pay strikes, involving 8,000 women in Glasgow last week the road had gone.

But on Tuesday morning, the veteran from West Lothian said he had "now had the opportunity to properly understand the crime Rhea Wolfson has caused through this blog."

Gareth Wardell, a former Artistic Director of the Scottish Youth Theater, said Wolfson's "voice is the stuff of fascist demagogy."

In a section titled Hitler's View, Wardell writes: "In Part 1 of Mein Kampf, Hitler repeatedly attacks unions. Trade unions are the public enemy No. 1 of fascism. He went on. He accused "The Jew" of gradually taking over the leadership of the trade union movement. Hitler wanted a blindly obedient force faithful only to the national head of government.

"Whether Wolfson is intellectually aware of Hitler's views or not is unknown, but it is certainly commendable in condemning anti-Semitism in the Labor Party, but Labor is not confronted with this alleged anti-Semitism."

Wolfson said the author had "defended the unions by warning people against Jews taking them over."

She added, "It is deeply troubling to watch people attack unions – an integral part of democracy – for their own political / constitutional purposes, but this is yet another fascist beast."

A link to the article referred to by Labor as "anti-Semitic" was shared by the SNP branches for Livingston East, Edinburgh Eastern, and Council Anderson.

Neil MS Laboratory Labor MP said it was simply "unacceptable that this vile anti-Semitic blog was sponsored by various SNP accounts".

When asked to comment on Monday, City Council defended Anderson's Wardell post. He told The National: "First, I do not accept that this is an anti-Semitic article, nor did I know anything about Miss Wolfson's Jewish heritage.

"The article was related to Labor's selfish attitude to the struggle for equal pay."

He added, "I've never been anti-Semitic in my life. I think Findlay is trying to read something that is not there.

However, on Tuesday afternoon he said, "I now had the opportunity to properly understand the offense Rhea Wolfson caused through this blog.

"I knew nothing about her Jewish heritage and therefore did not know how hurtful the words would be.

"I fully apologize to her for my embarrassing incomprehension regarding these issues and for my share of the crime she has suffered."

The SNP said that the blog "could not be shared by an SNP member," and said that it would consider any anti-Semitism complaints.

Wardell was suspended from the party.

In a statement to The Herald, Wardell said before revoking his membership, "The only sinister aspect of my essay is the way political opponents have tried to declare it sinister. They use the fascist language that they warn against, anti-intellectual, and they represent everything in relation to "you and us."

"Ms. Wolfson was misled. When I told them what they were doing, I reaffirmed their praise of their anti-Semitic attitude to Labor's problems.

"In that case, it's quite a long time for me to be educated antisemitically in the Jewish family."

After the suspension, Justice Minister Humza Yousaf tweeted, "We all have a responsibility to eradicate anti-Semitism wherever we see it – inside or outside."


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