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The secretary is gone from the showcase of Slovak football. Although the participation in last year’s atypical Euro is still not so much dust, ME 2016 and WC 2010 are remembered by few of the current squad.

Photo: TASR, Martin Baumann

Sad Dávid Hancko (Slovakia) reacts to Azerbaijan’s goal.

Slovakia qualified for the European and World Championships as the third seeded team from the qualifying groups. At the World Cup in South Africa, the national team even managed to finish fourth.

True, the draw was kind to the Weiss family and we dominated the Slavic group after an own goal by Pole Gancarczyk in snowy Chorzów.

Those were the times when Slovakia had a world-class playmaker, Hamšík, who played excellently at the back, thus poisoning the more football-oriented teams of their favorite game. The Slovaks senselessly continue this tactic to this day.

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They are flying high in the minds but they are playing terrible football which is beyond the guarantee. They talk about their individual quality, but as a team they are not worth much. That is why organized, more combative, more aggressive Kazakhstan or Azerbaijan look like tough nuts to them.

Next Sunday, October 9, the qualifying groups for the European Championship 2024 in Germany will be drawn in Frankfurt.

It is possible that they will pull Slovakia from the fifth place. Together with Malta, Gibraltar, Moldova and Belarus. By right.

Already the eighth qualifying battle for the continental championship will find Slovakia in the worst situation in the era of independence.

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Coach Francesco Calzona’s men will want to get out of the bottom for their third participation in history.

Whoever thought that the Italian strategist would radically change the face of the game in one match with the national team is naive.

But the Italian has so far blended in with the crowd rather than standing out. He created the nomination through videos, he was not yet at the club performances of his wards.

He will have to add too. Otherwise, next autumn we will have another assessment of the fiasco. Seven points from six games in the C-Division of the League of Nations and mindless performances cannot be called anything else.

Milan Škriniar and Barbora Hrončeková.

Barbora Hrončeková, friend of Milan Škriniar.