So How Much Is Government Debt To Wika & Waskita Karya?

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Two construction BUMNs namely PT Waskita Karya Tbk (WSKT) and PT Wijaya Karya Tbk (WIKA) apparently have government receivables. This state-owned company discloses government debt that has not been paid to the company, in a joint meeting of the House of Representatives Commission VI.

Director of Waskita Karya Destiawan Soewardjono, said that the government receivables are related to the land acquisition of several toll roads whose value is still Rp. 3.71 trillion.

“Outstanding bailout funds of Rp 3.71 trillion in which this is for majority and minority ownership,” Destiawan said, Wednesday (1/7/20).

For details, this debt is a bailout paid by the company and has not been reimbursed by the government for the toll road project. The majority of toll roads are Rp 2.76 trillion and the minority is Rp 0.95 trillion.


On the same occasion, Managing Director of Wika Agung Budi Waskito admitted, government debt to the company in total amounted to Rp 59.93 billion. This figure also represents the acquisition of part of the Serang-Panimbang toll road construction.

“As of June, there is still a shortage of refunds of Rp. 59.9 billion. In 2018, Rp. 233 billion has been disbursed, in 2019, Rp. 802 billion has been disbursed, 2020 has been disbursed, Rp. 174 billion. [Financial and Development Supervisory Agency], “he said.

He said, accumulatively for the acquisition of toll land, the company had issued a total fund of Rp 1.27 trillion.

“We only manage one Serang Panimbang Toll Road until June 2020, the total land bailout fund that we have already spent Rp 1.27 trillion for land acquisition for the Serang Panimbang Toll Road project,” he explained.

This toll road connects Serang and Tanjung Lesung Tourism Special Economic Zone, Banten.

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