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Home Entertainment So Mirhan Hussein celebrated the exit from prison (photos) ... Masrawy

So Mirhan Hussein celebrated the exit from prison (photos) … Masrawy

12:37 AM

Thursday 14 February 2019

Books – Bahaa Hijazi:
The artist Mirhan Hussain has published a collection of photographs of her family together with her family in Innsgram, celebrating her release from prison.

Mirhan Hussain, who appeared in the pictures wearing a crown on her head, commented: "And what love but bond in times of distress, thank you from my heart for all who asked him and tired themselves or if they lie on it and trust me .. Your love overwhelmed me and thank me, my family. Thank you Sahabi Thank you my neighbors. "He said.

It is noteworthy that the artist Mirhan Hussein left on Wednesday – from prison after spending 14 days in the case known as the "ambush of the pyramid."

Mirhan Hussein out of prison (2)Mirhan Hussein out of prison (1)



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