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So Universal Studios celebrates Halloween 2020 «Universal« Orlando Theme Parks

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This year when everything has been different due to the coronavirus pandemic, Orlando parks managed to do some of their events, although in a different way. So did Universal Orlando Resort, which at Universal Studios presented two houses of terror to please its visitors who love the celebration of Halloween Horror Nights.

Revenge Tooth Fairy. Foto/Gregorio Mayi.

Video / Gregorio Mayi.

Halloween Horror Nights were canceled this year, an important one for the event because they would celebrate its 30th Anniversary, but fans were not disappointed with these two houses.

Revenge Tooth Fairy. Photo / Gregorio Mayi.

The two houses of terror presented were: “Universal Monsters: The Bride of Frankenstein Lives”, to revive the Frankenstein monster, which according to the story on which the house was based, he died and the bride promises to revive him.

The other was “Revenge of the Tooh Fairy” with an original story that seems cute because it mixes the innocence of children who do not want to give the “tooth fairy” their milk teeth, with a dark ritual that begins in what seems be a storybook. But it was nothing childish and terrifying, like Frankenstein’s, and there was no shortage of scares, screams and special effects.

Haunted Houses. Foto / Universal Orlando Resort

It should be noted that these houses were worked with the level of perfection of any other year of Halloween Horror Nights. And it is that they were not made last minute, but it seems that it was part of what they were going to use in the event planned for this year, one that is always worked well in advance.

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Hounted Houses. Foto / Universal Orlando Resort

If you wonder, how they did it in this time of the pandemic, they took all the measures of social distancing, both in line and inside the houses, in the park a mask is always used at all times (including when entering the houses as well) , you have to disinfect your hands when entering (they have staff to offer you disinfectant) and also the characters are separated from the public with transparent plexi glass barriers, which allow you to see them, but do not allow direct interaction with visitors.

Halloween Tribute Store. Photo / Universal Orlando Resort

In addition to these houses, Universal had its Halloween Tribute store since September with different collectible merchandise with this theme. See here what that store was like, which was always very popular like these houses of terror, which kept this park full, but respecting the limited capacity imposed by Covid-19.

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