So will Blizzard die Serverprobleme in Diablo 2: Resurrected lösen •

Blizzard has commented on the annoying server problems in Diablo 2: Resurrected.

As we reported this week, action RPG players have been plagued by it since its launch.

What is the cause of this

In an extensive forum post, the company is now going into more detail and explaining how it should continue in the future.

“Our server outages weren’t caused by a single problem; we fix every problem as it occurs, both through mitigating measures and longer-term architectural changes,” it said.

“A small number of players have experienced a loss of character progression – in the future, any loss due to a server crash should be limited to a few minutes. This is not a complete solution for us and we are continuing to work on this issue. Our team is working with others on it Blizzard is committed to making the gaming experience feel good for all players. “

Blizzard is trying to solve the server problems.

What else Blizzard wants to do

It explains how the game servers work, with connections between regional servers and a large, global server. Too frequent saving and too many players caused problems.

According to the article, the remaster of Diablo 2 also uses parts of the original code, which apparently has its problems in 2021 because the behavior of the players changes. This includes, for example, the repeated creation of new games to farm items, which leads to overload.

There are three points here that Blizzard is looking at. Number one is to take the load off the database in terms of creating and joining games.

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Second, there is a login queue so that there is no overload with too many simultaneously active players. While Blizzard is working on it, the number of players active at the same time is to be increased continuously.

In addition, one would like to split various important functions into smaller parts in order to provide relief here at work.

“This game means so much to all of us,” said the post. “Many of us on the team are lifelong D2 players – we played during the first release in 2000, some are part of the modding community, and so on. We can assure you that we will keep working until the gaming experience doesn’t change feels good only for us as developers, but also for us as players and members of the community. “