so you can check the balance of your SUBE card

It is a chatbot called SUBI that offers the chance to consult questions related to the system. How the new tool works

The Unique Electronic Ticket Service (SUBE) adds a new channel of communication through WhatsAppthe most widely used messaging platform in the world, so that its users find an easier way to make inquiries about the use of transportation system.

It’s about a chatbot called SUBIwhich allows queries related to the transport system via message.

In this way, to know the balance and find out where to get a new card, you will have to enter the phone, as if it were any contact, the number +5491166777823.

The chatbot will answer queries from Monday to Friday between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m..

In addition to the SUBE app, the service adds a new communication channel via the WhatsApp platform

SUBE: how to answer other queries

Specific inquiries can also be made by email to the address [email protected].

In order to access the options, the user must type Hola through Whatsapp, to which SUBI responds with a menu that allows the personal card to be registered in the Mi SUBE network.

Then, when entering the user can recover the balance in case of loss, see the movements, receive information from public transport or report a SUBE Point.

The options displayed in the menu:

  • register
  • My SUBE number was deleted.
  • Unsubscribe my SUBE. Check the balance.
  • I don’t remember my password SUBE.
  • I had a problem.
  • More inquiries.

Many of the actions, such as cancel the SUBE y check the balance, require validation through the sixteen numbers that identify each card.

In the event that the user has lost his card and wants to buy a new one, the bot provides the option to access a map by province and locality where you can see all the places to get the plastic.

Even when notifying that there was a problem, you can know the stock disponible and thus not waste time.

In this same option You can report that a business charged the card more expensivecurrently for sale al official price of $90.

Currently there 11,800,000 active cards y 12,500,000 daily uses in 45 districts of the country.

However the main flow is the AMBA where they are –according to official figures– around 4,300,000 passengers who use buses daily, trains and/or subways.