So you can process your Infonavit credit to build

Mexico City.- If you have in mind to stop renting, to make your own home, to remodel your house or apartment, here we are going to give you some recommendations so that you know how to process your Infonavit credit and how much it could lend you, to carry carry out your plans.

The Institute of the National Fund for Workers’ Housing (Infonavit) is an institution that supports all eligible workers with a loan, so that they can obtain housing.

How can I process my Infonavit credit?

The first step you have to take to apply for your Infonavit credit is to make sure that you are registered with the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS), or that your employer has registered you with it and is making the corresponding contributions to your Housing Account.

If indeed, you are registered with the IMSS, you should know the following beforehand:

What can you use your Infonavit credit for?

Build your own home if you or your partner have your own land

Buy a new, used or mortgaged home

Expand or repair your house

pay off a mortgage

Choose the program that suits your needs

Before applying for your loan, it is important that you know what projects Infonavit has, or the one that best suits your needs, as well as the best options to manage the resources and financial solutions that best suit you.

The types of credits offered by the institute are the following:

Infonavit Credit: The institute grants the beneficiary an amount on credit and adds the balance of the Housing Subaccount, to increase the amount of the loan for the benefit of the applicant.

Unámos Creditos Infonavit: This program is offered by the institute so that the worker acquires a new or used home together with a family member: parents, siblings or children, or with a co-resident: friend, partner even if they are not married. In this case, Infonavit will grant up to 90% of the maximum amount that each worker would receive individually.

Total Infonavit: It is a mortgage loan in co-participation with a financial entity, plus the balance of the Housing Subaccount, which gives the insured a maximum credit capacity, to acquire a new or used house of any value.

Mejoravit: It is a loan that allows the worker to carry out repairs and improvements to the home where he lives (which may be in the name of the insured or his spouse, or of a relative such as his parents, children or grandparents). With this program the beneficiary can paint, waterproof, lay floors, blacksmithing, carpentry, among others.

Second Infonavit Credit: It is focused on workers who have already requested a loan with the institution, but wish to request another with a larger amount. In this option, the institute grants the loan with the co-participation of a financial entity.

Requirements to apply for the loan

Once you have chosen the most convenient program for your plans, make sure you meet the following requirements:

Being an Infonavit beneficiary

Have a current formal employment

Cover with the 116 points in the housing subaccount

Comply with the API questionnaire: Infonavit Personalized Advice

Take the online workshop: Know to decide

Have two personal references

Comply with the Green Mortgage program

Sign the authorization for consultations in Credit Societies

How much money does Infonavit lend me?

Knowing how much money Infonavit lends you is one of the questions that a worker asks the most. To find out, you need to carry out a credit pre-qualification, which can be done on the official portal of the institute, at the following electronic address:

Now that you meet the requirements, you know how much the institute lends you and you are certain about which program is the best for you, go to the Infonavit offices to formally process your credit registration request.

With these recommendations, don’t waste any more time and begin to specify your own home plans, right now.

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