Soaring Again, Who Are the People at Risk of Infecting Covid-19 XBB?

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Virus corona reason Covid-19 subvarian Omicron XBB is currently ‘stopping by’ in Indonesia. A number of patients tested positive for this new subvariant.

So, who are the people who are at risk of contracting the subvariant XBB?

XBB is a subvariant or mutation of the Omicron variant. The last name is the SARS-CoV-2 variant which is now dominating in society.



This one subvariant is reported to have the ability to transmit and spread faster than other Omicron variant mutations.

Symptoms Covid-19 Subvarian XBB

The Ministry of Health (Kemenkes) said that this subvariant was the culprit for the increase in the number of daily cases in Indonesia in recent times.

Nevertheless, so far the symptoms of the XBB subvariant Covid-19 that have been reported tend to be mild to moderate.

“The symptoms are similar to Omicron, but there is the possibility of mixing with the typical symptoms of the Delta variant, namely anosmia,” said Head of the Covid-19 Task Force from the Indonesian Doctors Association (IDI), Erlina Burhan.

Here are some of the symptoms that appear:

– fever,
– cough,
– headache-dizziness,
– weak,
– muscle ache,
– sore throat,
– have a cold,
– diarrhea,
– anosmia.

Persons at Risk of Infecting XBB Subvariant

Illustration. There are some people who are at risk of contracting the XBB subvariant. (CNN Indonesia/Safir Makki)

The question then is, who are the people at risk of contracting the XBB subvariant?

Erlina said that people who had never been exposed to SARS-CoV-2 had a higher risk of being infected with XBB.

Based on findings in Singapore, continued Erlina, most patients with the XBB subvariant Covid-19 generally have never been infected with the same virus before.

“In Singapore, this Covid-19 infection [subvarian XBB] dominated by patients who had never been infected with Covid-19 before or were called ‘covid naive’,” said Erlina.

In addition, generally XBB subvariant patients are also in the young-adult age range. While those who have to undergo treatment at the hospital are dominated by the elderly group.

Therefore, Erlina appealed to the public to continue implementing health protocols. Don’t forget to keep wearing your mask, wash your hands frequently, and avoid crowds.

Erlina also advised the government to continue to boost the third dose of vaccination or booster. The reason, according to him, giving a booster dose can increase the ability of antibodies.

“Research states that a booster vaccine dose will increase the ability of antibodies to neutralize this Omicron subderivative,” he said.

For this reason, all Indonesian people, including people who are at risk of contracting the XBB subvariant, are advised to complete their vaccination status.


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