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SoCal high school music teacher arrested, left behind, after the video dispute with the student

LOS ANGELES – A music teacher at Maywood High School was arrested on Friday after a boxing fist fight between him and a student was captured on video.

Marston Riley, 64, was arrested on suspicion of child molestation and personal injury after the gun beating at the Maywood Academy High School on Pine Avenue was reported to the authorities at 13:30, Deputy Representative Joana said Los Angeles Warren, an information officer for the department, reported KTLA.

Investigators from the agency's Special Victims Bureau are investigating the case now, Warren added.

The students who talked to KTLA on Friday evening were all sympathetic to Riley and said the classmate involved had marginalized him.

The students said the confrontation started after Riley had asked the young man to leave the classroom because he was not wearing a proper uniform.

The student refused, and a cell phone video recorded by another student shows him how he challenged the teacher by using idiocy and repeatedly throwing a racial bow at Riley, who is black.

The situation continues to escalate after the student has thrown Riley a basketball, which is then seen pulling his cell phone out to call for assistance.

The student continues to insult and provoke Riley. The teacher lingers for a while but slaps the boy's face quickly and without warning.

The ensuing fight takes about 30 seconds. The couple climbs through the room as Riley screams repeatedly and others in the classroom. The boy can only give about a blow.

The video shows that Riley continues to aggressively persecute the student, even after other school officials responded to the fight.

The footage ends when the student is pulled out of the room by the campus staff.

Several students spoke on Friday evening with KTLA on condition of anonymity.

One claimed that the situation was a setup.

"Everything was planned," he said. "There have been students who have already taken their cell phones out to record the incident, and I do not think it's entirely justified that they're only to blame (Riley) if I personally know he's a good guy. "

Another spoke out against the character of the music teacher.

"I have had this teacher before and had no problems with it," said the student. "He was a really nice teacher, I always respected him, he always had a very good relationship with every student."

Inmate records show that Riley was arrested and held on bail of $ 50,000.

He was released on bail on Saturday, KTLA reported.

His indictment is scheduled for November 30th.




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