Bremen (dpa) – Striker Nils Petersen has given professional football an “image problem” in view of the disputes some Bundesliga clubs have about a wage waiver due to the coronavirus pandemic. “Who should understand when footballers who earn millions don’t want to forego a few thousand euros while small entrepreneurs have to file for bankruptcy?” Said the SC Freiburg striker in an interview with “Weser-Kurier” (Wednesday). “But there are people who don’t like to do without. It doesn’t matter how much they get. It’s a question of type.”

The former goalscorer from Werder Bremen and Bayern Munich also pleads for changes in the distribution of television revenues in order to increase the tension in the league. “One idea would be to distribute the money in the ratio of sporting success to financial commitment. That would correspond to the performance concept and contribute to economic stability,” said Petersen.

At the same time, the attacker warned that the professional clubs must better deal with the millions in income. As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, teams “quickly got into the water because they did poorly”. This should also open the eyes of the fans. “Is it about always buying the best players. Or is it not more about the club being economically healthy,” emphasized Petersen. “I think that only what is taken should be given out. If you don’t do that, I as a fan would not be happy at all.”


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