Social assistance will not be given to these residents, here are 7 signs: Okezone Economy

JAKARTA – Seven things that can prevent residents from being given social assistance (bansos) will be discussed in this article.

It is known that the DKI Jakarta Social Welfare Agency has opened registration for the Integrated Social Welfare Data (DTKS) which is a reference in the distribution of social assistance in Jakarta for phase II.

The Head of the DKI Jakarta Social Service (Dinsos) Premi Lasari hopes that the DTKS registration period can be used by the community to update data.

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“We also hope that the public will immediately notify the closest people about this information, so that the provision of social assistance is right on target,” said Premi in Jakarta, Tuesday (10/5/2022).

Summarized by Okezone, Wednesday (11/5/2022), there are also things that prevent residents from being given the social assistance, such as the following:

– Not domiciled in DKI Jakarta

– Residents with non-Jakarta ID cards

– Household owns a car

– There are household members who are permanent employees of BUMN/PNS/Polri/Members of the DPR or DPRD

– Households own land/land and buildings with NJOP above Rp1 billion

– Household owns a car

– Assessed not poor by the local community

– Households own land/land and buildings with NJOP above Rp1 billion.

Then Jakarta residents can register for DTKS phase II in 2022 by accessing the website.

However, residents who experience problems can register directly by coming to the village according to their domicile by attaching a photocopy of their ID card and family card.

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