Social media earthquake… Erdogan gave a signal, it was confused!

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The former CHP Yalova deputy Muharrem İnce, who commented on the “dislike” rain of President Erdogan’s YouTube account last week, said, “Young people do not dislike the internet, then unplug the internet.”

İnce, “The plaza media, which has lost its dignity, its rating and circulation has not been cut, does not cut power because its power of influence has weakened and does not appeal to young people. For this reason, he talks about social media regulation and putting social media under control. Can he do it? He cannot get the desired result, but he will try. ”


Erdogan’s statements also reacted from political party leaders. “If you close Netflix before the end of Dark’s last season, I will be offended, Mr. Erdogan,” IYI Party President Meral Aksener has labeled ‘SocialMediaWatch’.

In the social media account of the IYI Party, the link of the news containing Erdogan’s statements included the message ‘Keep calm champion’.

CHP leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu replied to Akşener’s post on social media, “Oh, my lady, now she gives spoilers from her ambition.”


On the MHP side, support was provided for President Erdoğan’s “social media regulation” statements. Announcing that he has suspended his social media accounts, MHP leader Devlet Bahçeli said, “I will neither use my Twitter account nor share Facebook until the end of the terrifying and violent contamination in social media. I will support all of the honorable and exceptional law proposals that will come to the agenda in the Turkish Grand National Assembly. ”

Immediately afterwards, MHP Deputy Chairman Semih Yalçın made the announcement, “We are suspending our accounts until the public, the hypocrites, the couples, the social media are cleared and the legal arrangement is made on the subject, and the Leader State Garden has made a statement on social media.”


Even though there is no official support from the AK Party, this step of MHP has launched a campaign to close their accounts, which stated that they are AK Party members. The ‘AkGençlik Accounts Closing’ tag has been on the top of the Twitter agenda for a while. In the second place of the agenda, the label “ÜlkücülerHesapKapa closes” was placed.


After all these developments, a Twitter post published by Erdoğan was again talked about a lot. Erdogan put the initials of his name in capital letters at the end of his sharing, which he said, “They watch TV series and we are making movies, we will continue to serve and write history.” (RTE)


Meral Akşener, Erdoğan, “Are you sure, Mr. Erdogan?” responding with his statements, he used a photo from Erdogan’s set of ‘Resurrection Ertugrul’.

Muharrem İnce quoted Erdogan’s statements and said, “If you try to shoot the movies you have translated for 18 years, Netflix’s budget is not enough.”


Kılıçdaroğlu, on the other hand, shared an animated video of Erdogan’s post about the internet bans published two years ago. Kılıçdaroğlu, citing this video by sharing it again, said, “The person in the palace that continues to write history with the ban; began to fear more than a world without censorship, prohibition and bug! Youth; they do not want dictatorial rule, they want freedom. You can not cover the truth with the prohibitions, you cannot trust young people. ”

Kılıçdaroğlu added the initials of his name in capital letters just like Erdoğan did to the end of his sharing. (KK)


Evaluating Erdogan’s statements in the live broadcast of the decision, DEVA Party leader Ali Babacan said, “They observed that the situation is disastrous in ‘dislike’. They said, ‘Let’s close this, it won’t be like this.’ Direct intervention when it fails. Young people producing technology have lost their hearts, for example. It is not possible for them to struggle with technology. They only walk side by side with technology. With technology, it just grows. It is not possible to fight with technology, turn off technology or ban it. ”

Babacan also made a statement on the subject from social media, “closure or restrictions to be applied to social media, Turkey ‘means the narrowing of the realm of freedom and self-effacement. Turkey, be fit into a narrow definition of freedom is so great a country “with the phrase ‘sosyalmedyamadokun on’ gave the label.



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