Social Media in Business | Is it necessary to call on an expert for its social networks? | E106


As part of this 106th issue of my Social Media in Business podcast, I answer the question “is it necessary to call on an expert for your social networks? “.

To stand out on social networks today, is it necessary to call on an expert for your social networks? My answer will surprise you!

Also, I offer you a very interesting tool during this episode related to web marketing. Don’t miss it!

Is it necessary to call on an expert for its social networks? : a tool for you

Speaking of freeing up your time, I will soon be launching a group for entrepreneurs/solopreneurs who want to be aware of the latest trends on the web without having to do hours of research.

Indeed, I will do them for you and deliver this content to you monthly in the form of a presentation to help you not only save time, but also know good practices on social networks as well as with your content creation in addition. to provide you with tools.

I will also answer all your questions during these sessions. If you are interested, simply contact me by email at [email protected] with the subject “Free time”.

We look forward to meeting you in the next episode to answer the question “launch a podcast in season format or continuously? “. Good week!

Social Media in Business is your weekly meeting to learn more about the different social networks and content creation platforms in a business context.

Each week, I will answer a thematic question that will allow you to concretely apply these tips for your business.

If you recognize the importance and power of social media and content creation for your business and want to learn more about it, you’ve come to the right place.

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