Social Media Marketing Studies: Study in North Rhine-Westphalia

Social media studies meet business administration: dual bachelor’s degree

Can you study social media marketing and influencer marketing? Yes! With the social media degree from CBS. Are platforms like Instagram, TikTok and Co. your world? Are you wondering what exactly is behind it, what diverse possibilities social media offer and why some brands, influencers or content creators are incredibly successful? In the Social Media & Influencer Marketing degree program, we deal with these processes and dedicate ourselves, among other things, to the development of digital campaigns, the marketing of products and services via social media and the question of why companies are increasingly relying on influencers as opinion makers.

This bachelor’s degree is dual, which means that you work 3 days a week in your practice company and 2 days a week at the campus in Aachen, Brühl, Neuss or Solingen. The advantage? You can put your theoretical knowledge directly into practice and compare practice with theory. This degree is a specialization within the General Management Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. That means: The focus of the course is on the topic of management. Classic business administration content such as corporate management, personnel management, finance and controlling are also part of it. These are important qualifications that will set you apart from career changers and pure content experts on the job market.

What is social media marketing?

Social media marketing is the use of social networks such as Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, YouTube or Twitter for corporate or brand communication purposes, i.e. for advertising and PR. Central is the content, i.e. the content that you distribute as a company or brand – and how the communities and users interact with it. In social media marketing, strategies and measures are developed and implemented in order to a) produce brand-appropriate content for the defined target groups and b) deliver it on the right channels. User-generated content also plays a role, especially on platforms such as TikTok. Since social media marketing also has a strong business component, figures and social media monitoring are very important: What does the implementation of the social media strategy cost? Which goals should be achieved? What does it cost to achieve these goals? Was a campaign successful?

What is influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing is the use of more or less prominent multipliers such as social media stars to advertise products, services or brands. As a rule, the influencer appears as a recommender in order to recommend these products to his numerous followers and fans. The aim of the followers is to ensure that they follow the influencer’s recommendation and perceive this product as desirable and then buy it. This can trigger hypes that sell out products very quickly. This increases the hype because the product is sold out and is therefore extremely desirable. What is attractive about influencer marketing is that influencers can influence a large number of interesting followers. A beauty blogger has followers who are interested in beauty. That is why it makes sense for brands to recommend beauty products to these followers via the influencer. It would be very difficult for the brand to find this special target group in other ways and to address it successfully. Influencers often offer their brand partners a complete package: As a content creator, they produce the content themselves, for example a video. This makes it easy to use influencers, but the brand is often less able to control how the brand is presented. When it comes to corporate communication, corporate influencers are used more and more often, they can be people from the board of directors, from the innovation department or from normal teams.

Why should I study social media management?

Social media are very important and many people spend many hours a day with them. A quick photo of the appetizing-looking pizza here, a product recommendation from a social media star there: Many of us become content creators ourselves every day or are inspired by influencers to make the next purchase.

Social media marketing and influencer marketing are an integral part of the budget planning of large and medium-sized companies. Small and large target groups can be reached precisely via social media in order to make brands and products better known or to sell products directly. The handbag that sells out an hour after an influencer’s first post on Instagram? The app or the brand that everyone is suddenly talking about? The event that is fully booked within a very short time? With successful social media marketing, companies achieve their marketing and sales goals particularly quickly.