Social media: SRF 3 says goodbye to Twitter

by Maya Janik

Homer Simpson disappears backwards into the garden hedge. With this GIF, SRF 3 announced on Twitter that they wanted to close the account soon. You will be present on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube, it says in the tweet. The radio thus foregoes the channel with the most followers: almost 176,000 as of June 22nd. That’s around 27,000 more than on Facebook, the second strongest channel. 114,000 follow the radio on Instagram and just 49,000 on YouTube.

So why is SRF 3 deleting its widest-reach channel? Viviane Aubert, Head of Digital Channels, explains when asked by “For us, not only the number of followers on a channel is relevant, but also the interaction rate, i.e. the followers who have not only subscribed to the channel , but also actually interact with our posts.» This is much more the case on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. Usage within the target group is the priority for SRF 3: «Basically, we want to focus on fewer platforms, but on those that our audience is on», continues Viviane Aubert. Twitter is used by SRF as an information and news channel. This is mainly for the accounts of @srfnews and @srfsport relevant.

Are critical comments a reason to withdraw from Twitter? Viviane Aubert denies: “We are always happy to face criticism and enter into dialogue with our users, regardless of the channels.” SRF wanted to close the Twitter account in April. However, he was left open longer in order to be available for the criticism of the cancellation of the “Specials” that arose at the time, according to Aubert.

SRF 3 employees in the social media area need not fear for their jobs. The team will not be reduced in size, but “centralized in digital distribution with the other social media managers,” says Aubert, adding: “The digital channels have been in channel management in the distribution department for a year now. In this way, we have bundled all of our social media expertise in one place and can make optimal use of synergies.”

As soon as the Twitter account is history, SRF 3 wants to expand its presence on the other channels. It is planned, for example, to make the YouTube channel more attractive with new pop-rock music formats.