Facebook has lost another million users in Europe. According to the Group, the number of monthly active members fell from 376 million to 375 million in the past quarter. Already in the third quarter before, the number of Facebook users in Europe had decreased by one million.

However, the online network continues to grow worldwide. The number of active Facebook members at least once a month increased within two months from 2.23 billion to 2.27 billion. And the advertising revenue continues to grow significantly: The sales increased 33 percent to $ 13.7 billion. That's the smallest plus in about six years.

In the US and Canada, Facebook had 242 million monthly active users, a million more than three months ago. It is by far the most lucrative market for the online network. In the two countries, Facebook made $ 27.61 per user revenue last quarter. In Europe It's $ 8.82 per user and $ 6.09 globally.

Facebook had already warned that the regulations of the General Data Protection Regulation, which has been in force since the end of May, will make business in Europe more difficult. The company's reputation suffered from Cambridge Analytica's data scandal this year. At the end of September, Facebook also announced that it had become the target of a large-scale hacker attack. The perpetrators gained access to the data of 29 million users.



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