Social networks: Instagram offers paid subscriptions for influencers

Retaining its influencers is the goal of Instagram, which now offers them paid subscriptions for their followers. Clearly, the most assiduous followers will be able to subscribe to paid subscriptions to follow their favorite influencers. These subscribers will have access to exclusive content such as stories and lives. They will be identified with a specific logo on their names, so that influencers can easily identify them. The Meta group’s social network announced this innovation on Wednesday, January 19, 2022. Instagram clearly has in mind not to lose market share to competing applications such as YouTube and TikTok.

“Creators need predictable revenue. And subscriptions are one of the best ways to have predictable revenue, which doesn’t depend on viewership varying from publication to publication, inevitably. […] Our teams are looking for a way for creators to be able to take their subscribers to other applications published by other companies, ”explained Adam Mosseri, director of Instagram, in a video.

Instagram is not the first social network to offer new means of monetization to content creators in addition to advertising revenue. TikTok users can donate to them, while those on Twitch already benefit from paid subscriptions to their favorite accounts. Twitter even offers both formulas.