Social solidarity with generosity and innovations

Throughout its long history, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is characterized by the coherence of its leaders with issues of concern to Saudi society, with urgent initiatives, standing by them with national humanitarian standards, and supporting them with full force in all aspects, to consolidate the principle of sensitivity to what concerns the citizen in his daily living matters. From this point of view, the most important factor in the success of the “Good Housing Charity Subscription” campaign was that it was directly sponsored by the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz and his Crown Prince, Prince Muhammad bin Salman. This basic reference does not only contain their donation of 150 million riyals to this campaign, but also includes endless incentives for people and entities that wish to have a role in this great work, with its lofty goals. And if the leadership in the Kingdom does not hesitate even for a moment in providing aid and lending a hand for humanitarian reasons outside the country, then what is the case with a local, national humanitarian project that preserves the dignity of those who really need aid, regardless of the nature of each case in it. Life pressures contribute to placing more burdens on the shoulders of families in all countries, and this is normal, but the Saudi supreme leadership puts on top of its priorities alleviating these pressures and providing what supports the path of a decent life for the citizen.
And the “Jud Subscription” campaign is, in fact, a purely national movement, in which individuals participate, along with institutions and charities spread across the country. This means that it is an integrated project from both the practical and social aspects, which provides all the tributaries for it to achieve its goals, in the field of providing adequate housing for those who really need it, and for those whose practical lives have undergone changes that have exacerbated some difficulties.
Everything was calculated within the scope of implementation of this campaign, including identifying individuals who deserve help, and standing with them to remove all obstacles in the way of their obtaining adequate housing. One of the strongest pillars of this innovative initiative is that it comes as a result of the integration of the roles of government, private and non-profit agencies. It falls into the category of being 100 percent patriotic.
Every evaluation in the “Joud” platform is based on practical and scientific foundations at the same time. This provides the highest standards of transparency, which represent the most important axis in the grand general strategy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, represented in the Kingdom’s Vision 2030. The latter included everything in order to bring the Kingdom to the level that befits it, in terms of its capabilities, capabilities, innovations, projects and programs, and prospects for guaranteeing the future. With all its variables and entitlements. The social aspect in the Kingdom’s vision is a major axis in it, not only because it is directly related to the citizen, but also due to its utmost importance in reaching the highest standards of development in the country. Economic construction is an essential part of social construction. Hence, a project such as the “Joud” platform can be viewed as part of addressing issues that usually arise due to changes or developments.
The physical ability of the person who is entitled to obtain housing through “Joud” remains the basis for the evaluation, and its supervisors have set it at 60 percent or less. This ability is measured across five dimensions: economic, demographic, housing, social and health as well. Everything is subject to high standards of performance. With the encouragement of the senior leadership to support “Jud” by institutions and individuals in the local arena, and the dedication of social solidarity on a solid ground, “Jud” will move forward in order to achieve its goals. It receives financial support in addition to moral and social support that guarantees the success of all its projects, whether through private national donations, or at the level of the beneficiaries from among the citizens.
Hence, we can witness in the near future huge returns from a social housing platform, covered by the care and attention of the supreme leadership, which has placed the interest of the citizen and future generations above all else.