Social Welfare and Caricato Theater present the play ‘The stomach of the whale’ on the visibility of Alzheimer’s disease

The performance will take place next Saturday at the KAKV in commemoration of International Alzheimer’s Day on September 21

Villena, September 19.- The mayor of Social Welfare, Alba Laserna, today presented the play ‘The stomach of the whale’, by the Caricato Teatro company, with which they want to commemorate International Alzheimer’s Day this coming September 21. The work is scheduled for Saturday, September 24, at 7:00 p.m. in the Assembly Hall of the House of Culture.

The play, written by Luis Fernando de Julián and directed by Juan Cigarro, is a plea in defense of the environment, especially the protection of the seas and oceans, and which aims to address the need to make visible the impact of Alzheimer’s among human beings, aimed at a general public and young people in particular, thanks to its articulated language with symbolic messages, poetry and images. The work reviews the experiences of three women – mother, daughter and granddaughter – trapped between recollection and memory.

Juan Cigarro explained that it is a fundamentally “poetic and symbolic” work, which addresses current issues. The director explained that the story revolves around the grandmother Carmen, the only inhabitant of a plastic island, also her daughter who remembers her childhood with Carmen, and the granddaughter who meets the grandmother and in whom she discovers herself .

“It is an interesting and useful proposal for the citizens of Villena to follow the work of the health effects of this disease, while addressing the issue of the environment, and that highlights the large plastic dumps that human beings we have created in the seas”, he commented.

At the end of the play, the writer of the play and the three actresses will open a chat with the spectators to talk about the play, what it expresses, how it expresses it and what feelings and messages it conveys.

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