Socialist Party: Olivier Faure presents a tight and equal team


The National Council of PS Sunday approved the composition of its new management, renewed, parity and tightened, in accordance with the commitment made by the new first secretary Olivier Faure . The member for Seine-et-Marne is surrounded by a national secretariat composed of 24 members, 12 men and 12 women (against 80 in the previous direction), to which it will be necessary to implement the decisions taken by the Council National Office and the National Office. All supported Olivier Faure in his race to take the lead of the PS.
Are appointed spokesmen the deputy of the Landes Boris Vallaud (also in charge of the Europe ), aged 42, and Gabrielle Siry (also in charge of Training and Renewal), 32, who was a candidate in June 2017 on the fifth constituency of the French from abroad. The number two of the party, in charge of coordination, is former MP Corinne Narassiguin, 43, spokesman for the PS at the end of the five-year period. Francois Hollande .

Rachid Temal , which she replaces, becomes national secretary in charge of “relations with partners” of the PS, where it will be returned to him in particular to “work for the new unit of the left”, he explained on Twitter .
In charge of external relations at the sides @faureolivier it will be up to me to work on the new left wing unit, to strengthen the links with the actors of the society and to carry the #renewal socialist in the media, federations and sections. @Socialist Party – Rachid Temal (@RachidTemal) April 15, 2018

New faces in management
The Mayor of Bourg-en-Bresse Jean-François Debat leaves his position as treasurer to the Deputy Mayor of Strasbourg Pernelle Richardot, and becomes National Secretary in charge of “Ecological and Energy Transitions”. Also included in this direction are former ministers Ericka Bareigts (Oceanic France and Blue Growth), Hélène Conway-Mouret (Protection of the French and the Nation), Matthias Fekl (New World and Socialist International) and Hélène Geoffroy (Republic of the Territories).
Other known names, those of former deputies Sébastien Denaja (Citizenship Democracy, Freedoms, Justice and Institutions) and Jean-Marc Germain (School, lifelong training, culture and popular education). MP Dominique Potier will take charge of issues related to Rural Development, and the new agricultural and food model.
Olivier Faure’s members of the bodyguard, Christophe Clergeau and Pierre Jouvet are respectively in charge of “Chantiers de la Renaissance and the socialist project” and “Development and structuring of the party”. The first federal government in Paris Emmanuel Grégoire will deal with citizen mobilization and communication, the Haute-Garonne Sébastien Vincini of Renovation, decentralization and political animation of the party. The president of the general council of Seine-Saint-Denis Stéphane Troussel takes charge of News solidarities.
A desire to meet in doubt
Unhappy candidate for the leadership of the PS, the deputy Luc Carvounas regretted Sunday in a tweet “the desire of Olivier Faure to lead the PS with his only support”. “The rally is not for now, so we are so strong that we do not come together?” He asked.
With the comrades of # TO1 we can only regret the desire to @faureolivier to direct the #PS with his only support. The #Rassemblement so it’s not for now. So we are so strong not to gather? – Luc Carvounas (@luccarvounas) April 15, 2018

Representatives of the various candidates – Olivier Faure, Luc Carvounas, Stéphane Le Foll and Emmanuel Maurel – will sit on the National Office of the party. But, with his score on March 15 (48.37%), Olivier Faure holds the majority in this body, whose composition was also approved Sunday.


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