Socialist Party: Sébastien Vincini in the first circle of Olivier Faure


Posted on 17/04/2018 at 07:18 , Updated on 17/04/2018 at 07:33


Sébastien Vincini./ DDM

Sébastien Vincini./ DDM “>

The first federal party of the Socialist Party of Haute-Garonne, Sébastien Vincini (40), is now one of the leading French socialist leaders. Mr. Vincini has integrated this weekend at the National Council of the PS the first circle of Olivier Faure, the new first secretary of the movement. By obtaining the portfolios of the renovation, decentralization and political animation of the party, it recovers more or less the function occupied recently by Christophe Borgel, former MP for Haute-Garonne and ex-number 3 of the PS.

“It is a mark of recognition,” says Mr. Vincini, who had actively campaigned for Olivier Faure with twenty other major bosses of federations in the name of renovation and defense territories. The new national secretary becomes “the provincial” of a tightened leadership (24 members instead of 80) and the privileged interlocutor of the first federals. “It had been a long time since a provincial official had held such a position,” said Sebastien Vincini, who will ensure that the PS remains connected to all of the territories. I want to keep my feet on the ground.
“We knew the worst”
Departmental advisor, patron of the second federation of France (3,800 members), this forty-year-old native of Cintegabelle will launch the construction of upcoming elections, first European and then municipal and departmental, as well as the debate on topics such as primary, the renewal or non-cumulation of mandates over time. “The socialist idea has not disappeared, wants to believe Mr. Vincini. There is a political space today that is not occupied. ”
Changes should be made quickly: setting up a digital platform open to activists, new membership formulas (long-term or simplified), five-year Holland inventory … “We have known the worst, we will know the hardest” says one of the new strongmen of the Socialist Party.


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