Society of Film Directors: “Emmanuel Macron, an exceptional response is required”

This Wednesday, a delegation of invited artists must go to the Elysée Palace to speak to Emmanuel Macron on the terrible difficulties that the culture sector has been going through in the doldrums since the beginning of confinement and facing an accused government to do nothing or to be absent subscribers. The Society of Film Directors (SRF), a very active association of filmmakers association of filmmakers with the mission of “Defend artistic, moral and professional and economic freedoms of cinematographic creation”, currently chaired by Catherine Corsini, Bertrand Bonello and Aude Léa Rapin have not been invited. In a letter to the President of the Republic, they formulate a set of requests on filming, the regime of intermittent workers, the reopening of theaters etc. : “Faced with an exceptional situation, an exceptional response is essential.”

Mister President,

The SRF represents nearly 300 French filmmakers. Many of us have made films for decades. Others, younger, have been living in this profession for a short time and hope to be able to continue practicing it after this pandemic.

We have learned that your firm was hastily organizing a “videoconference” to which a large number of representative organizations, including our own, are not invited.

This lack of consultation worries us and forces us to inform you of the following points by press release.

We assert that we only protect culture by defending those who make it. This is why we fully support the two petitions “black year” and “culture in danger” and we also ask that the rights to insurance be extended by twelve months (from the date of reopening of the performance venues). unemployment. A white year, to overcome the dark year.

For authors who escape this regime today, a fund must be set up for two years, managed by collective management organizations and supplied by broadcasters (linear and non-linear). In addition, the State must set up an exceptional fund, not only to compensate the already substantial losses of the CNC but also to bring compensation and lasting support to the actors of the sector hard hit by the crisis.

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Without a resumption of filming our industry is at a standstill. We are asking for state intervention with insurers in order to guarantee a resumption of our activity while respecting our professional practices.

At the end of the crisis, the reopening of theaters, in consultation with the health authorities, must be a priority. It must also be a success. More than ever, our sector will be confronted with the concentration of screenings on a few films, under the influence of the most powerful on the most fragile.

Without strong public intervention, cinemas will only offer blockbusters and American franchises.

Faced with an exceptional situation, an exceptional response is essential.

We expect public authorities to regulate the exhibition sector: limiting massive exit plans and guaranteeing lasting access to cinemas of diverse films.

Finally, because it accelerates the imbalances at work, this crisis offers us a historic opportunity to rethink our system with ambition.

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It’s important to remember that during the crisis, major platforms expanded their audience, with Netflix now having more subscribers in France than Canal +.

Before the end of the year, we therefore call on the government to make the transposition of the “AVMS” directive a priority on the legislative calendar by imposing on platforms investment and dissemination obligations for our works and by reforming the media timeline.

Mr. Speaker, you repeated to us that we were “at war”.

At the end of the Second World War, only a strong political will made it possible to make French cinema the most powerful counter-model to American cinema.

Today, we ask you to take up this new challenge alongside us.

We are counting on you.

The S.R.F (Society of Film Directors)

The company of film directors


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