Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene awards Venezuelan researcher María Eugenia Grillet


Caracas.- The Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene of the United Kingdom awarded the Venezuelan researcher María Eugenia Grillet with the Hemingway 2021 award on Thursday, October 7, in recognition of her outstanding career in the areas of ecology and epidemiology of infectious diseases mediated by Vector insects, according to the information provided by the Academy of Physical, Mathematical and Natural Sciences (Acfiman), of Venezuela.

At the annual meeting of the Royal Society for Tropical Medicine and Hygiene on Thursday, Grillet was recognized with the Medal of Honor awarded by the prestigious institution, created in the United Kingdom in 1907 to promote the development of tropical medicine and help improve the global health.

The award given by the institution is named after Professor Janet Hemingway, a medical entomologist, in recognition of her research career in the area of ​​vector-borne diseases, mainly malaria, in Africa and Asia, as detailed by Acfiman .

Grillet is a tenured professor at the Institute of Zoology and Tropical Ecology of the Faculty of Sciences of the Central University of Venezuela (UCV) and is a full-time individual at the Academy of Physical, Mathematical and Natural Sciences. «For 25 years, Grillet has dedicated his work to understanding what are the local ecological mechanisms and processes that regulate populations of insects, pathogens and their interactions (insect-pathogen) and determine, as an emerging process in said ecological interaction, epidemiological patterns that we observe at larger spatial and temporal scales ”, detailed Acfiman.

Grillet integrates diverse disciplines in his work, such as ecology, epidemiology, entomology, parasitology and geography. As detailed by Acfiman, the researcher combines empirical work (field) with laboratory work (experiments) and a theoretical approach (epidemiological models).

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«His research has allowed him to understand how a stable system can be intervened through a control measure and destabilize said ecological interaction, thus breaking the endemic balance of a disease. He has worked with malaria, onchocerciasis, arboviruses, and lately he has applied this knowledge to understand the transmission patterns and epidemiology of COVID-19 “, highlighted Acfiman.

In 2005, Grillet was a fellow of the Royal Society (Imperial College, UK) and in 2017 she was a Fulbright scholar (Albany, USA), according to what was reported by Acfiman. In 2019, Grillet was awarded the Lorenzo Mendoza Fleury Award. She has been visiting professor at the Universities of Ottawa, Toronto and Montreal (Canada), the University of Albany (USA) and the University of Groningen (Netherlands).

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