Socrates asks for suspension of Ivo Rosa’s decision

The defense of former Prime Minister José Sócrates announced this Tuesday that he will file a complaint with the Constitutional Court asking for the suspension of the decision of Judge Ivo Rosa, who ordered the sending of the Operation Marquis case for trial.

Lawyer Pedro Delile, in a statement, said that “the defense will immediately file a complaint with the Constitutional Court, with suspensive effect on all these decisions.”

As confirmed today to Lusa news agency, Ivo Rosa refused the requests for nullity presented by the Public Ministry (MP) and by the defenses of José Sócrates and businessman Carlos Santos Silva, ordering that the files of Operation Marquis be sent immediately to the Criminal Court in Lisbon , at the Justice Campus, to schedule the trial.

Information on Ivo Rosa’s decision regarding the MP’s and Sócrates’ nullity requests was provided today by Expresso online, which states that Ivo Rosa ordered the “immediate transfer” of the case files to the Criminal Court of Lisbon, so that the collective could be drawn. of trial judges.

Referring to the newspapers’ knowledge of the decision, José Sócrates’ defense also considers that the judge “cannot impose his personal will, to send the case for trial at all speed and at all costs, namely at the cost of the authority of the Constitutional Court and in sacrifice of defense guarantees and fundamental rights”. In the decision instructing the Operation Marquis process, Ivo Rosa decided that Sócrates, accused of 31 crimes, is going to trial for three crimes of money laundering and another three of forgery of documents, the same for which his friend and businessman Carlos Santos Silva is pronounced, giving as proven that the businessman corrupted the former head of Government, configuring a crime [de corrupção ativa sem demonstração de ato concreto] considered to be prescribed.

Of the 28 defendants, in addition to Sócrates and Carlos Santos Silva, former BES president Ricardo Salgado for three crimes of abuse of trust, former minister Armando Vara for money laundering and former Sócrates driver João Perna for possession were indicted. illegal weapon.



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